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Thank you everyone for such a wonderful launch of FROM A PARIS BALCONY over the past few days. I appreciate your emails, messages on my Facebook page and lovely comments- I will reply when I can! Busy editing book four- in my old jeans, old jumper. It’s funny! I’m in lockdown with it. Will send out my next newsletter soon.


Thank you,


Ella xx

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  1. irene morris October 22, 2016

    Dear Ella
    I can not express how much I have enjoyed all three of your books.The story line,the characters, the history, are wonderful.I did not want them to stop and was so pleased to find Cat and Loic in From the Paris balcony.It was like bumping into old friends.
    In away I feel lucky that I had not found you before as I have been able to read your books one after the other, but now I have to wait for number 4 not too long I hope please.Very best wishes Irene

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