Welcome to my Website!

It’s lovely to see you here. First and foremost, I hope you and your loved ones are all well, wherever you are.

Please have a browse around my website- I will be adding so much more in the coming months- new blog posts, newsletters out to my readers, giveaways and just a whole lot of information about the true stories and the adventures that I have had while writing and researching all my books. At the moment, you can read more about the background behind my books, which are all based on true stories, or real historical events on the library page.

I’m absolutely delighted to have signed a nine book deal with my new publishing house, Bookouture- you can read about the news here. Bookouture have now released new editions of all six of my previous books that were all published with Lake Union Publishing, and Bookouture have now published the first and second novels in my new series of six books, called The Daughters of New York.

A New York Secret published in March, 2021 and the second book, The Lost Girl of Berlin published in July of the same year. These new novels have also already sold to German, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Hungarian and Czech publishers for translation as well as to several other countries and languages and are being released worldwide in English in e-book, print and audio editions.

I am delighted that the third book in the series, The Girl from Paris, will publish on January 4th 2022, and the next three books in the series will release during 2022 and 2023!

In other exciting news, Grand Central Publishing will be publishing From a Paris Balcony in a brand new edition for bookstores in The United States in 2022! Watch this space for more on that. The book will have a beautiful new cover, and I’m so thrilled that it will reach so many new readers in that country.

One of the most rewarding things, has been the publication, and re-publication of my books. And I’m incredibly thankful to my lovely readers for that.

 Do get in touch with me on my Ella Carey Facebook page. I absolutely love to hear from my readers, and adore chatting with you all.

Meantime, I’m busy writing the fourth book in The Daughters of New York series. I’m super excited about this new series, which is set during, before and in post war Europe and America. I hope you will love reading about my new characters’ hopes and dreams as much as I am loving writing about them and if you would like to be the first to know about these brand new books, I’d love you to sign up to my Bookouture mailing list, here. We will not share your information with anyone, and will only write to you with updates about my books.

Finally, I’d also adore it if you’d sign up for my author newsletter to receive updates and news of my new books ahead of time- there will be plenty of giveaways and loads of behind the scenes stories about my books for my newsletter subscribers. I’d absolutely love to have you join me!

Happy reading.

Stay safe and well,

Ella. xx





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