The House by the Lake

February update…

I have been appreciating the warm summer weather here enormously while having breaks from an intense round of edits of SECRET SHORES- my fourth novel due for release in September with Lake Union Publishing. We are about to look at cover designs which is exciting and I’m delighted to be talking a bit more about… Read more

Italian Delis in San Francisco

In The House By The Lake, Anna is the proud owner of the Italian Cafe in Chestnut Street. San Fransisco has quite a history associated with its Italian delis and Anna is a keen perpetrator of the city’s long standing traditions. Once, San Francisco was known as ‘delicatessan heaven,’ but now, there are only a… Read more

Life in 1930s Germany

I find every aspect of writing a novel most enjoyable, but carrying out research is an especially pleasing part of my work. When researching The House By The Lake, I became utterly drawn into life in 1930’s Germany. Of course, for the majority of the population, things were simply tough. The great depression, the fallout… Read more

Isabelle de Florian

Creating characters is an odd thing. For me, it is intuitive and not intellectual at all. Something needs to resonate between me and a character, and then they begin to form themselves into something quite real in my head. After writing Paris Time Capsule, my fictional character Isabelle de Florian stayed with me- I wanted… Read more

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