Happy 2017!

After a big interstate move, I’m ready to get back into writing! Delighted to announce that my fourth novel, which so far has a working title, will be released with Lake Union Publishing in Fall, 2017. It’s in the editing process now and I’m about to go into lockdown with it in the next few weeks. It’s a book that is very close to me and I’m excited to share news about it with you in the following months.

I will also be writing another newsletter soon. The time since I wrote the last one has flown- largely taken up with moving.

The House by the Lake is being translated into Italian and will be released in book stores and in print version there, and From a Paris Balcony is being translated into German for release with Amazon Crossing. We now have several translations of the books in progress, all of which will release in the next eighteen months.

I had the most lovely experience on the train the other day in my new city. A young girl came up to me and gave me the beautiful long stemmed flower in the picture here. It was part of an art installation at the fabulous art gallery in this city. The girl told me that according to the art installation she’d visited, whoever she gave the flower to would be happy, which I thought was gorgeous- little did she know that she’d given her gift to an author on her first day in a new city!

I hope you are all equally blessed with a happy and successful 2017,

Best wishes,



  1. ZaToria January 27, 2017

    Hello Ms Carey…. I have so much to ask. So much to tell you. And hopefully one day I will get the chance…in due Time. Goodbye Ms Carey.

  2. Joanie Eckert January 30, 2017

    I just finished From A Paris Balcony and I now have to read everyone of your books. Please tell me you will write a third book to continue the storylines???

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