Slovak Edition of The House by the Lake

I am thrilled to share the first of the foreign editions of my books; this was a beautiful parcel to receive in the post the other day! Here are the Slovak editions of THE HOUSE BY THE LAKE. Haven’t Fortuna Libri, the publishing house, produced a lovely edition of the book! I was quite moved to receive it.

Working away here as our weather turns from having been completely stunning to freezing all of a sudden. I suspect we will have a few more switch backs before winter arrives!

But this is good writing weather, and I’ve just finished the first draft of my fifth novel, set for release in summer, 2018. The proof copies of SECRET SHORES are about to arrive back for a final read through before going off to be produced ready for September 5th!

In May, I am off over the other side of the world for a research trip…

Hope everyone is well,

Ella xx

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