Harlequin cover design for Paris Time Capsule

For the most part, a writer’s life is made up of working away at a computer- and in terms of writing about Paris, all the glamour only exists in your head! But today I have something special to share with you-a little enchantment to take you back to Paris if you like.

This is the cover design for the Harlequin print version of Paris Time Capsule, which is to be released in September in Australia and New Zealand. I confess that I get very excited about seeing cover designs. There is something about seeing someone’s visual interpretation of your work. I think designers are so very talented, and I’ve been incredibly lucky to work with several so far.

I think this is quite visually stunning. I hope you enjoy looking at it and that it brings a little glamour your way.

The template is almost done for my first newsletter and it will be going out soon. In it, I share the name of the real Schloss that inspired Schloss Siegel in The House by the Lake.  There is also some information on upcoming books which is exciting!

Chat again soon,

Ella. xxx

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  1. Donna Farris June 4, 2016

    Ella, I spent the last 3 days reading both The House By the Lake and Paris Time Capsule. I was so enchanted by your books I couldn’t put them down. There is a dreamy quality to your writing that will draw romantics like me under your spell. Thank you for writing the way you do… you have a new, permanent fan and I am anxiously awaiting future books. Donna

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