Weekly highlights… and Paris Time Capsule cover reveal!

Dear Readers,

I hope everyone is well. I’m writing this on a beautiful spring morning here in Melbourne. I truly feel like the blossom on the trees has to bode for better days for the world. I am thinking of all of my readers, no matter where you are. I love hearing from you, and don’t forget to join me on my Facebook page, where I post regularly for my readers.

Today, I have the most beautiful thing to share with you- a cover reveal of the new Bookouture English language edition of Paris Time Capsule. I’m absolutely delighted with the design, and think it has such a beautiful, evocative feel. Cat, my lead character, loves wearing vintage fashion, so the photograph of the gorgeous deep red coat with satin trim is especially appropriate…and, I have to confess that it just makes me want to go to Paris, but that’s nothing new!!

So, I hope you love the new cover for the book as much as I do. It is up for pre-sale right now! You can order it here:

Also, in the past week, I’ve done an online interview with the lovely Kim Nash, Head of Publicity at Bookouture. In this author chat, we talked about Beyond the Horizon, the first of my freshly released books with Bookouture. This is my novel about the extraordinary Women’s Air Force Service Pilots who . In the interview, we talked about the trip that I took all the way to Texas to research the book, where these incredible women trained as pilots during the war. It was a great conversation, and if you have read the book, or would like to read it, I’ve added the link to the chat at the end of the paragraph. I was able to give more background detail behind the personal origins of the book, the family history that inspired it, and the stories of the amazing, real life pilots who flew for the United States during the war. The Women’s Air Force Service Pilots were hidden from history books, their records locked away, with no military or official recognition for decades.. To watch the interview, please click here.
Finally, I’m busy writing book two in my new trilogy of books, all set for release with Bookouture in 2021- and I’m also editing book one in that new trilogy, so I had better leave you now and get back to work! I am super excited about these new books, which are sweeping tales set during and in post war Europe and America, and I can’t wait you to meet my characters and share their hopes and dreams! I hope you will love reading their stories as much as I have loved writing them. As well as English editions, these new three books have also sold to Aufbau, publishing house in Germany for translation, in a major print deal, and also to Norwegian and Swedish publishers for translation into those languages.
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I hope you are all truly safe and well, along with your loved ones and friends. Do keep in touch with me. I love hearing from you, and it is always me at the other end!
Take care,
Ella xxx

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