From a Paris Balcony cover reveal

Hello, I hope everyone is staying well. I’m writing this from a much happier Melbourne, Australia, as we have finally emerged from a long, long lockdown, and are now able to get out and about again. I was especially happy and grateful to be able to walk along the beach on the weekend for the first time in ages!

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Now, for today’s exciting news- I am delighted to share the new cover of From a Paris Balcony with you. This beautiful new edition of the book is being published with Bookouture on November 11th, and it is set in Paris in 2015, and during the Belle Epoque, so if you feel like a little escape, this one’s for you.

Stay safe and well,

Ella x

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  1. Jeanine Maiella January 7, 2021

    Read Paris Time Castle, absolutely loved it, but was surprised that the apartment really existed. When I saw a photo of the street realized across the street was the Galleria Lafayette that I have shopped in on 2 trips to Paris. Now reading the house on the lake and planning to read Paris Balcony.
    Thank you for these wonderful novels.

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