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Thank you for visiting me here. As I write this, summer is about to give way to autumn here in Australia. There is a general slowing of pace and a mellow feel to the world down here, which is reflected in colour- amber, burnt oranges, vivid greens. This sort of talk reminds me of my character, Emma Temple, one of the protagonists in my fifth novel, THE THINGS WE DON’T SAY. Emma loves to put autumn tones together. She takes great delight in the placing of colour, and she has not tired of it, even though she is over ninety years old in certain parts of the book.

I’m immensely excited to share this novel with you. It’s set in London, Sussex and the South of France. I travelled to London and Sussex to research the novel last year, and spent hours wandering around Bloomsbury, imagining what it all would have been like back then, sensing my characters walking the streets, and just sitting and writing in cafes. The book is entirely fictional, but it is inspired by Vanessa Bell, Virginia Woolf’s sister. Vanessa was a talented artist who had a wonderful relationship with fellow Bloomsbury artist Duncan Grant, for most of her adult life.

My characters and the story are entirely my own. But I was also fortunate to be able to go to Sussex, to see where Vanessa Bell, Duncan Grant and the Bloomsbury group lived at their country house, Charleston, during two world wars and for many years of their lives.

For me, THE THINGS WE DON’T SAY was a case of being overwhelmed by the true story, and then sitting down and letting my imagination roam.

As for my website, I hope you enjoy browsing through the pages here, and reading about the background to my other four novels, their settings and the true stories and characters that inspired then, in turn, such as the mysterious Belle Epoque Parisian courtesan Marthe de Florian for PARIS TIME CAPSULE, THE HOUSE BY THE LAKE and FROM A PARIS BALCONY and for SECRET SHORES, Sunday Reed, an extraordinary woman who was iconic in the development of modernism in art in Australia.

What inspires me are women who were outliers, who somehow did not ‘fit in’ with the mold they were supposed to inhabit, instead, finding themselves struggling and forging, in most cases, a life which, against the odds, somehow, anyhow, worked.

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Ella xxx

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