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Thank you for visiting me here. Please browse through the pages and have a read about the background and inspirations for my novels-the first three set around an abandoned apartment in Paris- Paris Time Capsule, The House by the Lake and From a Paris Balcony, and my fourth and fifth novels based around the nature and lives of twentieth century artists- Secret Shores and The Things We Don’t Say.

My sixth novel is a novel of friendship and love set amidst the turmoil of World War Two. I went all the way from my home in Australia to Sweetwater, Texas to research it, practically learned to fly Second World War aircraft from scratch and met some amazing, inspirational people during my travels across the United States- I’ll be blogging about that on my journal pages in the next few months. The book is called Beyond The Horizon and is a moving, passionate story about a group of Women’s Air Force Service Pilots who flew for their country during the war. It releases on September 17th, 2019 and is just available for pre-order now.

Each book has been a fascinating journey for me… the first three books are inspired by the true story of Belle Epoque courtesan Marthe de Florian’s abandoned apartment in Paris. Marthe’s apartment was rediscovered in 2010 after the death of her granddaughter in the South of France. The stunning old apartment was a ghostly treasure trove, resplendent with gifts that the courtesan Marthe received from her gentlemen admirers during the heady 1890s in Paris. The apartment hadn’t been touched since Marthe’s granddaughter fled Paris on the eve of the Nazi invasion in 1940. I wanted to know why someone would abandon their home, never go back, and never talk about it…that’s the mystery in Paris Time Capsule.

In The House By the Lake, I wanted to delve further into my character Isabelle de Florian’s story, and her love affair with Max, a young German man who is deeply conflicted when Hitler takes over Germany, and whose story unfolds along with Isabelle’s throughout the book, while Anna, a young woman from San Francisco, sets out to discover the truth behind her grandfather, Max’s German past in a gorgeous old Schloss that wound up being in the former East Germany. As for From a Paris Balcony, we visit Marthe de Florian in 1890s Paris along with Sarah, a Boston art curator who wants to discover the truth behind her ancestor’s death at a party in Paris during the Belle Epoque- when she finds links with Marthe de Florian and her ancestor, Sarah is intrigued. She stays in Marthe’s now renovated apartment, but must share it with an artist, Laurent Charpentier while she uncovers the truth.

With Secret Shores and The Things We Don’t Say, both have artists and writers as lead characters. Both follow the journeys of the unusual, often most unconventional lives that artists and writers have often led. I was fascinated with the struggles and journeys that artists and writers must pursue if they are to make a living out of their craft. Rebecca and Edward, in Secret Shores, and Emma and Laura in The Things We Don’t Say all face difficult odds if they are to stay true to the passions for art, music, writing… set against the landscape of social expectations at the time, and with backgrounds rich in love and drama behind them, we go to Bloomsbury, London, a beautiful old farmhouse in Sussex in the UK, and a merino sheep stud in Australia.

I hope you enjoy journeying with my characters as much as I love writing my books.

Do visit my Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/ellacareyauthor/ to learn more about my new novel, and to chat with me. It’s always me who’s there.

Happy reading,

Ella. xx





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