Welcome to my Website!

I am delighted to see you here. I am equally excited about both the arrival of spring as it caresses the bare trees down here in Australia with its first tentative blooms, and the October 11th release of my third novel, FROM A PARIS BALCONY.

This book is a dramatic love story that tells of a time when people were unable to make their own choices about so many important things in their lives- who to love, whether or not they could follow any career path at all- as I wrote, I became so aware of this, and became so involved with my characters. I hope you enjoy the book too.

I will write my next newsletter soon. I always give away extra details about my writing, and about the background of the books to my subscribers, so if you would like to know more about the settings, true stories and places that inspire the books, do subscribe and join us.

Browsing the pages on my website will also give you more insight into the backgrounds for the novels- all are inspired by true stories, all are also fictional imaginings of what might have happened back then…

And don’t forget to visit my on my Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/ellacareyauthor/ for updates and giveaways, (I am giving away a bundle of all three Paris novels at the moment, wrapped in silk ribbons) and to chat with me.

Thank you for visiting me here,

Ella xxx

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