Welcome to my Website!

Thank you for visiting! I hope that you enjoy browsing these pages where you will find more background to the novels: it is here that I will tell you about the real stories, the people who inspired the books and, of course, the settings. I think novels are a love letter to a place…

Much is happening- the new cover design is out for my new, third novel, From a Paris Balcony, Paris Time Capsule is being released in a new print format in Australian and New Zealand bookstores and The House by the Lake is being translated into Slovakian.

Meanwhile, I am just about finished the first draft of my fourth novel, which moves away from Paris, but that certainly does not mean that I have stopped writing about that city…

I hope everyone is well, and thank you to my wonderful readers for all your feedback. I do read your messages, and I do my very best to respond to you all.

Ella xx


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