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Spring Update

While spring declares its first tentative blushes outside, I have been busy, busy, busy! Much travelling- a conference, a writer’s festival, a research trip. Book four is now with the publishers and my study is brimming with gorgeousness. The box of advance copies of FROM A PARIS BALCONY have arrived, along with audio books and some beautiful plaques from my publishers. I will run a giveaway of signed copies of this book on my Facebook page in the next couple of days- less than a month until release day and I am thrilled to be letting this story out into the world.

Hope everyone is well,

Ella xx

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  1. Karen December 29, 2016

    I consumed “Paris Time Capsule” in a day/evening. I hated it to end. I became a Francophile after my husband took me there on my 60th birthday. I have been back 14 times – to Paris, and surrounding areas from Normandy to Nice, to Provence area. Thank you for a return journey. I see you have more Time Capsule novels. Which ones are there? Of course, I must read them. I spent 18 freightening days with a lady my husband and I met in Goult, near Apt. she was originally from Australia. She ended up in Goukt by the way of years in England. Again, thank you …… Karen

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